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 "Putting thousands of dollars back into our clients’ pockets... 

Every month."



Lead Performance Analysis

      It’s simple, our name says it all; we audit your internet leads. While we analyze your CRM data and reconcile your bad and duplicate leads, your internet department can focus their attention where it should be, working on genuine leads to get that sale while providing true CRM Transparency and lead provider performance intelligence - What's in your CRM?


Business Analytics

   “In an era of Smarter Analytics, it is imperative that businesses leverage the massive quantities of data available to them. In order to remain competitive, data must be transformed into insight and integrated into business processes.”  – Simon Thomas, IBM 2011 

In an industry where information is critical to success, we our proud to offer our Business Analytics Reporting Package.  Reports are published Quarterly and Annually.


Internet Lead Reconciliations

     We provide lead auditing for all businesses utilizing internet leads. Why do we do this? Because  over time, these bad and duplicate leads accumulate to significant losses for you and your sales team.

Would you believe that the majority of e-Commerce businesses who purchase internet leads pay their monthly invoices in FULL? It’s possible they are unaware that they could be saving money on bad and duplicate lead data but most likely that they just don’t have the resources to dedicate towards such labor-intensive efforts (especially month after month). After speaking with several lead providers, they all told us the same thing…

 “A lot of our clients, especially the larger accounts don’t even submit credit requests for their invoices because they just don’t have the time or man-power to do so.”

The solution? Hire Lead Audit. 

We’ll put thousands of dollars back into your pocket. 

 Our team of internet Lead Auditors adheres to all lead return standards, which vary according to each lead provider – as we are well aware that not all providers and their programs are the same. In fact many lead programs differ and require varying proxies for submitting leads for credit. We are well trained in adapting to the multitude of ever-changing, specific needs of each client and as such, we make it our business to know the particulars, especially when it comes to saving you money! 

About US

"Putting thousands of dollars back into our clients’ pockets... Every month."


     For over a decade, Lead Audit has been in the business of saving businesses money on bad and duplicate leads. We’ve made it our priority not only to save you money, but to also make the lead auditing process as convenient as possible. To that extent, we’ve tailored our process of lead acquisition, process insight, lead performance analysis, internet lead reconciliations, and business analytics to accommodate the various individual business practices of our clients. In addition, we have also established working relationships with over 50 lead providers who honor our lead credit request process; a testament to the level of integrity to which we adhere. Given our working relationship with the majority of lead providers out there, you can rest assure that your lead credit requests will be processed quickly. 

Scope of Practice

Although our excellent reputation among the Automotive industry has made us a premier goto for dealerships looking to reclaim credit on bad and duplicate leads, we provide our lead auditing service on a national level to all businesses utilizing internet leads. Our other industries include:

  • Insurance
  • Property Management
  • Payday Loans
  • Retail
  • Colleges and Universities
  • 503(c)(3) Entities

If your industry is not listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if we can accommodate services for your business or industry.

Our Mission


   Our mission is to promote your business, enhance your process, and provide business intelligence,  through an outstanding customer service experience, all the while saving you money on bad & duplicate leads and creating a working partnership that is sustainable for you, your clients, and your lead providers.  

What makes our service excellent?


     One of the reasons why our clients are so happy with our service is due to our ability to tailor our lead auditing to complement their current business practices. Such customized tailoring have included:

  • Custom Reporting  
  • Direct refund request to lead providers
  • Liaison between the client and lead provider for administrative support
  • Multiple CRM Proficiencies
  • Saving you money while increasing your internet budget


Why would we do all this? 

The answer is simple. Unlike other companies who barge in and tell you how to run your business, we understand that your business is unique and you’ve spent countless hours setting up internal procedures designed to maximize productivity and efficiency. As a result, we’re not going to ask you to do anything to complicate your current business procedures, but rather we’ll work with you to find a system wherein we can adapt our process to fit with yours. 

Lead Providers & CRMs

Lead Provider Relationships


     Our working relationship with over 50 lead providers is a testament to the level of consistent excellence we’ve provided over the years. Furthermore, our established working relationships with these lead providers enables you to rest assure that we can streamline the lead auditing process where such relationships exist. Worry not, even if we do not currently have a working relationship with your particular lead provider(s) we will put our best efforts forward to create a working relationship with your current provider(s). 

Our working relationship with over 50 lead providers includes: 

  • AutoByTel.com
  • Auto Buying Solutions
  • Auto Credit Express (CPS Financial App)
  • Auto Friend Leads
  • Auto Internet Marketing
  • AutoUSA / AutoNation
  • Automotive.com
  • Auto Pro Network
  • Autos.com
  • Autotropolis
  • Broker Match
  • Car.com
  • Cars.com NewLeadsPlus
  • CarChat24
  • CarsDirect.com
  • Carloan.com / IFMG
  • CIQ-Voisys
  • Cole Information
  • Customerfunding.com
  • Cyber-lead.com
  • Dealerlink.com
  • Dealix.com
  • Driverloans.com
  • Drivingleads.com
  • Get Auto
  • iMotors.com
  • LeadGeneration.com
  • LeadIQ
  • LeadRev Partners Weekly
  • Next Phase Media
  • Neutron Interactive
  • Pricewheels.com
  • Reply, Inc.
  • RP Marketing Consultants
  • TeInform
  • TEN – The Enthusiast Network
  • TrueCar

3rd Party Manufacturer Lead Programs:

  • Audi Partner Leads
  • Chrysler Digital
  • Fiat Digital
  • GM 3rd Party
  • Honda 3rd Party
  • Hyundai Trilogy Smart Leads
  • Infiniti USA
  • Kia USA
  • Mazda MDOL
  • MB NetStar – Smart Lead Network
  • Nissan USA
  • Toyota TDDS
  • VW Partner Leads

CRMs & Extranet Proficiencies


     Lead Audit is proud to say that we’re proficient with a wide array of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Extranet tools. The following list is not all-inclusive of our knowledge and experience with CRMs and Extranet tools. If you do not see your current CRM or Extranet application listed then please contact us for more information. 


Extranet Application Websites: 

  • Autobytel.com – Dealer Extranet
  • AutoPro Network – Lead Credit Extranet Application
  • Auto Internet Marketing – Provider Extranet Application
  • Car.com – Dealer Office
  • Cars.com New Leads Plus – Dealer Office
  • CarsDirect – Lead Tracking System
  • Customer Funding – Dealer Member Extranet Application
  • CPS – Customer Portfolio Extranet
  • Dealerlink – Partner Extranet
  • Dealix – VIP Member Dealer log on
  • DollarSystem – Lead Approval Response System
  • Trilogy Smart Leads –  Customer Portal
  • Nissan USA – Dealer Digital Marketing Reporting Management Tool
  • Toyota Dealer Digital Solutions (ELMS)
  • United Auto Finance – Provider Extranet Application
  • Voisys Online Extranet Application
  • WambaTech TS (Trading Server) – Buyer’s Console

Contact US

     We’re excited to get to know you and your business. For inquiries, please contact us with the information provided below.

Lead Audit, LLC

11801 Pierce Street, 2nd Floor Riverside, CA 92505

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